League Information

Men's League

Begins April 26th and runs 10 weeks for the first half, then starts again on July 13th for 10 weeks.

An organizational meeting will be held on April 19th at 6:30 pm. League dues are $25.00 per half.

Sign up with a partner or individually and we will find a partner for you.

Women's League

Begins on Wednesday May 2nd and will continue through the season on Wednesdays until September 19th.

League dues are $25.00 and sign up and play is individual. The final banquet will be on Sept. 19th.

Couple's League

Couple league begins on May 11th. It is on an availability basis. If you are available, come on over and play!

The format changes every friday and is based on having a good time. Make a date with another couple and come over for a Nine and Dine Special.

*Leagues are open to anyone who wants to play. Membership is not necessary.